The Great Tugboat Race

Sheila P

The Sheila P was built as a fish tug; Lake Erie Style; at Kennedy's in Owen Sound, Ontario. She fished Georgian Bay for Several years until fishing in the Lower Lakes dissapeared. She was purchased by Harold Lund of Mamainse Harbour in the early 1960's. Mr. Lund called his tugboat the "Verna Jane". She fished out of Mamainse Harbour and Otter Head, mostly the Lake Superior region until the late 1970's. She sank off the north shore of Lake Superior taking three lives with her. She was raised by Purvis Marine two years later. Over a period of three years she was rebuilt into a work boat and repowered with a 200HP Detroit Diesel engine, this engine originally came out of the Paddle Wheeler "Mark Twain". At this time she was renamed the Sheila P. She is used today as a work boat for moving scows and general purposes around the harbour.

Owner: Purvis Marine Ltd
Year Built: 1940's
Gross Wt: 15 Tons
Length: 40 Feet
Beam: 14 feet
Draft: 5 Feet
Horsepower: 200

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