The Great Tugboat Race


The Pancake Barge was originally used as a dining barge for a crew of loggers on the Ottawa River near Mackey, Ontario. It was purchased by Avery Construction and used as a dining barge for construction crews. It was used in it's original form for many years so serve pancakes for The Great Tugboat Race. In 1997, the old house was replaced with a 2-story structure. The new Pancake Barge is equipped with full kitchen facilities, a dining area, a spiral staircase leading to the second floor, a 3-piece bath and a balcony around the entire upper level.

Avery Construction
Year Built: Hull-1950, House-1997
Length: 52 Feet
Beam: 17 Feet
Draft: 2 Feet

Check out this video of the barge "Nostalgia" being towed by the Avery Bay at Pointe Louise

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