The Great Tugboat Race


Our Cause After All:

Most of our children jump and run
They sing and dance, have lots of fun
They play hockey, soccer and basketball
They are children, after all

They know their numbers, can read a book
They'll learn to drive and shop and cook
They'll hang their work on fridge and wall
They are children, after all

They sometimes yell, pout or fight
They might get scared and cry all night
They want to hang out at the mall
They are children, after all

But some will never ride a bike
They'll never know what wrestling's like
They can't enjoy the leaves that fall
But they are children, after all

Some of them need special care,
Special toys or a special chair
Some can't speak or hear us call
But they're still our children after all.

The tuggers need help with what they do
'Cause it just wont work without you
Do what you can, even if it's small
It's for our children, after all.


Our Mission:
The Great Tugboat Race raises money for challenged children in Sault Ste Marie and area on both sides of the border. The Great Tugboat Race was founded in 1982 by a group of local tug enthusiasists who were convinced that each of them owned the fastest boat, so they raced. In the past number of years our organization has been raising upwards of $20,000.00 each year which puts a significant smile on a lot of childrens faces.

The Great Tugboat Race
940 Second Line West
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario P6C 2L3
(800) 461-0525
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