The Great Tugboat Race

JD Graham

The Graham was buillt in 1924 by Spedden Shipbuilding in Baltimore, Maryland for the Corps of Engineers, spending 10 years in Chigaco then 31 years in Detroit. She was sold to Nicholson Terminal and Dock Co. in 1965 (name changed to Nicholson) and 12 years later was sold to Ferris Marine who changed her name to the Magnetic. Brent and Trina Avery bought her in 2008 and brought her home to Sault Ste Marie and returned her original name.

Owner: Brent and Trina Avery
Year Built: 1924
Length: 53 Feet
Beam: 13 Feet
Draft: 6 Feet
Horsepower: 430

Here is a video of the JD Graham in a close race

For More Pictures Click Here!

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