The Great Tugboat Race

Gerald D. Neville

The Gerald D. Neville was built by Commodore Wakefield as a personal yacht in 1924 and named Tobermory II at Erie, PA. She was sold to Champion Coal Co. Captain Gerald D. Neville was hired in 1941 to ferry passengers, push barges, break spring ice and other tug related duties for freighters stopping in at Lime Island. She was sold to a contractor on the Soo but was abandoned in 1956. She sat on a mud bar in the St Mary's River for 22 years and was charted as a ship wreck. Gerald's grandson, Dennis Dougherty, salvaged it in 1974 and took 4 years restoring it. Sault Michigan is now her home port.

Owner: Dennis Dougherty
Year Built: 1924
Gross Wt: 35 Tons
Length: 50 Feet
Beam: 13.2 Feet
Draft: 3.5 Feet
Horsepower: 75

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