The Great Tugboat Race


The Boomalong was built by Russel Brothers in Owen Sound, Ontario and commisioned into the Royal Canadian Navy in 1944. She was called the "HMCS Neville". She travelled by deck cargo from Halifax to St. John and was later sold to Crown Assets Surplus. She was sold to Long Lac Paper Company in 1946. In 1968, Abitibi Pulp Company bought her and used her for 18 years. She was then sold to Sheppard and Morrison in Chapleau, Ontario. In 1973, Don Delayer purchased the tug and lifted her out at Mile 92 on the Montreal River. She was loaded on a flat car and brought to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. She was then updated and modernized and renamed the "Boomalong".

Owner: Don Delayer
Captain: Neil Robertson
Year Built: 1944
Gross Wt: 18 Tons
Length: 40 Feet
Beam: 10.5 Feet
Draft: 5 Feet
Horsepower: 150

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